Product Details

       -  Bright and Brillant white without effort
       -  Less Laundry time
       -  Excellent dirt removal even on your dirtiest whites & colors
       -  No extra steps e. g. pre-soaking, prewashing,scrubbing
       -  Greater Freshness with essence of Downy
       - Designed for automatic machines.
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1 scoop is 220ml
For Front Loader:
Heavy soil, add 1 scoop and 3/4
Normal soil, add 1 scoop and 1/4
For Top Loader:
Heavy soil, add 2 scoops and 1/4
Normal soil, add 1 scoop and 3/4
For Washing Machines 6Kg +:
Heavy soil, add 2 scoops and 1/4
Normal soil, add 1 scoop and 3/4

How To Use

  • Always follow cloth care label
  • Separate whites from colored items
  • Make sure detergent is dissolved completely in the wash water before adding clothes to the washing machine
  • Never add other additives (e.g. bleach) to the washing solution.
    • 1 Dose Right
    • 2. Complete Dissolution of the detergent
    • 3. Wash
    • 4. Dry
  • CAUTION: Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
  • Do not ingest. If product is ingested, seek medical advice. Wash hands after using the product.

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